Exterior Painting

We Are Painters

We can handle any variety of exterior painting projects, from simple touchups, from a full house painting. Every project is different, so please call us for a free consultation so we can advise you on your project specifics.

What type of exterior paint will you use?
Our professional painters work with several suppliers including Sherwin-Williams and Behr. Additionally, we can use a brand you specify if you have a favorite. We can recommend a variety of zero and low-VOC paints for low odor. Knowing that you and your loved ones are around, we always try to be eco-friendly.

While we do want to be eco-friendly and cost-effective, only the finest product lines are used to ensure that your final project doesn’t suffer dramatically. Skimping on products to shave a little off of our expenses affects the overall quality. Although many of our competitors will increase their profits with these tactics, we feel that our reputation is at stake.

With exterior painting, common problems occur such as peeling, blistering, moisture, alligatering, dirt and mildew, vinyl siding warp, fading, lapping, paint incompatibility, wrinkling, surfactant leaching.

By identifying the problem that exists we will be able recommend & implement the correct solution for your home or business.

Call us today if you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned and we can advise you on the best solution for your home or business.