Additional Services

We provide a range of additional services in addition to painting. Prior to many painting projects it is necessary to do some repairs, such as spackling walls, repairing cabinets and doorways. We can handle this

Additionally we do custom decorations and faux painting. Please call for a consultation to see if we can meet your project requirements. 

Gutter Cleaning
HTC USA offers seasonal Wooden and Aluminum Gutter Cleaning in the Spring and Late Fall. For Wooden Gutters, we clean, flush, and oil the gutters. For Aluminum Gutters, we clean, flush and seal the joints in the gutters.

Deck Staining and Sealing
Decks and porch floors are always a difficult proposition due to the extreme weather. Decks need to be treated every few years to keep them protected from the elements.

Pressure Washing
Every house before painting needs to be pressure washed to ensure the house is free of mildew and dirt build up. We wash your house with soft brushes using environmentally safe products and then rinse with a pressure washer.

Fence Staining
At HTC USA Painting we also prep, wash, stain, and repaint old and new fences.  Many of our customers, in addition to painting the interior or exterior of their house or business, are also looking for some help with their decks, porches, or fences.  We have years of experience with fence painting and staining.

How will the paint be applied (brush, roll, spray)?
Typically, most jobs use a brush or roll to paint walls, ceilings, and borders. Our painting contractors commonly spray cabinetry for a high-quality finish and the exterior siding is generally sprayed. Regardless of how the paint is applied, you can be assured that it will look amazing upon completion.